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Massage Systems




Perfectly equipped

Our  production machinery fulfills the highest quality standards. In order to always receive the best possible results in the production of electronic and mechatronic assemblies, we rely only on advanced production lines.

We are not only committed to rest on our laurels, but also to keep an eye on the future, which is expressed by one of our company-internal leitmotifs "development, not stagnation". This is perfectly demonstrated at our new location in Nuremberg (Südwestpark), in which only the latest technology is used.

Line 1

Stencil printer
Ekra X3
2 Juki FX-3R
Juki FX KE2080L
Rehm Reflow Soldering System
VXS nitro 3500

Line 2

Stencil printer
Ekra X5 36
2 Juki FX-1R
Juki FX KE-2080L
Rehm Soldering System
VXS nitro 3500

Line 3/4

Stencil printer
Ekra X5 Prof.
Juki FX-3R
Rehm Soldering System
VXS nitro 3500

1 Wave Soldering Line

SEHO wave soldering system
MWS 2340

1 Soldering Robot

mta TR300

1 Selective Soldering System


3 AOI test systems

Inspection system - Viscom S3088 flex

3 ICT test stations

Combination of
CRS test system and
Reinhard test system

4 Reinhardt ICT tester

Reinhard ICT individual tester