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Sitting in a car is considered one of the most unfavorable sitting positions. We want to remedy this problem by producing components for increased seating comfort.

Central pressure supply

Produced and developed by Alfmeier Präzision SE.

Central pressure supply can do more than controlling seats in the vehicle. KITE Electronics components support exact pressure distribution via the tube system from the rear of the car.

Learn more about the application of KITE Electronics components as regards safety, comfort and ergonomics.

By means of air cushions, KITE's components improve the side support of the seats within seconds in case of danger.

Adjustment of seat side and backrest width

Produced and developed by Alfmeier Präzision AG.

The backrest width adjustment is an active safety installation inside a car.

The seat side adjustment improves the side support by means of inflatable side bolsters. This provides additional driving comfort and safety, especially during sporty cornering.

"Comfort is the absence of discomfort", Herzberg 1958

Lumbar support system

Produced and developed by Alfmeier Präzision AG.

These system consists primarily of an air compressor, air cushions as well as electrically or manually operated vents to control inflation and deflation of the individual cushions.

The pneumatic 4-way lumbar support was designed to correct the pelvic angle of the sitting passenger in order to minimize the intervertebral disc pressure and to relieve the musculature.

Intervertebral disc pressure is reduced actively by means of gel cushions in the seating surface; the KITE component supports air pressure control.

Active seat

Produced and developed by Alfmeier Präzision AG.

By means of the rotary vane pump, a gel-like liquid is pumped back and forth between the two cushions. This leads to a tilt of the pelvic and helps to prevent back pain.