Our philosophy

Future-oriented and environmentally friendly - this is what KITE Electronics GmbH stands for. We are goal-orientated and aware of our roots - modern and yet stable. Our corporate structure is characterized by esteem and respect towards business partners, employees and the environment. Therefore, we evaluate new technologies considering differentiated aspects in order to ensure resource-efficient working.

Not only are we striving to meet our customers' demand for high standards of our product solutions, we moreover aim at the objective to always be one step ahead of our competitors. In order to correspond to these expectations, we attach high importance on a constant development in all fields. Only with profound know-how are we able to ensure the quality of our assemblies - and thus, of our market position.

Our employees must not only provide professional competence, but also social skills. Fairness in dealing with customers and suppliers has top priority for us. And this is not only an empty phrase, but our maxim! This is the only way to establish mutual trust beyond the usual business relations. Together with our high quality products, this results in a win-win situation that leaves nothing to be desired.